Peer Review and Editorial Policy Statement
(June 19, 2019)

PEER REVIEW: All contributions to Unio cum Christo are subject to the review and approval of the editor in chief (main editor peer review) and are reviewed by at least one other member of the editorial team.

Submissions will also be subject to independent peer reviews by specialists in their field in the case of questions arising before acceptance (double blind). The final decision to publish an article is taken by the editor in chief.

Book reviews are vetted by the book review editor and the editor in chief.

The content of the peer review follows the objective indications of the form sheet provided to peer reviewers.

EDITORIAL PROCEDURES: Texts are sent back to the authors for review and corrections when clarifications are needed or substantial changes have been made to the submitted text. All contributions are edited and formatted by the editorial team before they are sent to the copy editor. The editor in chief evaluates all documents for content and style before they are sent to the typesetter. The typeset files are checked at least once by two members of the editorial team before they are submitted to the printer. Similarly, the printer files are signed off by two members of the team.