Mission Statement

Unio cum Christo (Union with Christ) celebrates and encourages the visible union believers possess in Christ when they confess the faith of the one holy catholic and apostolic church, the body of Christ. Thus its mission is (1) to be an international scholarly and practical journal for the global Reformed community—churches, seminaries, theologians, and pastors; (2) to encourage deeper fellowship, understanding, and growth in faith, hope, and love in the Reformed community at large; and (3) to support small and isolated Reformed witnesses in minority missional situations. It will seek to do so by the publication and dissemination of scholarly contributions of a biblical, theological and practical nature by Reformed leaders world-wide—including leading theologians, developing scholars, practicing missionaries, pastors, and evangelists.

Articles, interviews and book reviews will consistently be in line with biblically based Reformed confessional orthodoxy and orthopraxis. Submitted or solicited contributions for its biannual issues will focus on specific themes of importance to the Reformed tradition and present debate.

Aim of Unio Cum Christo (Union with Christ)

  1. Provide sound content for the mission and edification of the global church based on biblical and Reformed Christianity.
  2. Represent the international Reformed community through its editorial board and contributors. It is sponsored by Westminster Theological Seminary and International Reformed Evangelical Seminary, serving the wider Reformed fellowship.
  3. Address biblical and historical issues, and questions of concern for the church universal.

Contact Us

Please contact info@uniocc.com for further information.
For questions regarding submission of articles, contact Paul Wells at pwuniochristo@gmail.com or Bernard Aubert at baubert@wts.edu.