by PETER A. LILLBACK in Vol. 1 No. 1-2 / Fall 2015

STEPHEN TONG: [prayer] Father, we ask that you may bless us and give us wisdom in discussing the things you want us to say for your church and your kingdom. Amen.

PETER LILLBACK: I have the joy of being one of the editors for the new international Reformed journal called Union with Christ, in English, but we actually use the Latin name, Unio cum Christo. We, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia (WTS), are excited to have a partnership with the Seminary in Jakarta, International Reformed Evangelical Seminary (IRES). These two seminaries are working together on this journal. And it is our hope in every one of the issues to have not only theological articles written from a scholarly perspective, but we also want to have interviews with people who are actively engaged in ministry and are making a difference for the Lord. And so in our initial journal, we wanted to have an interview with Dr. Stephen Tong, a great friend of Westminster and a theological leader in Asia and indeed around the world. And so I have the joy of asking Dr. Tong several questions and listening to his wisdom. So we are very grateful for this privilege, Dr. Tong, to ask you these questions. Because I think you are a great evangelist who loves the proclamation of the gospel, I prepared the following questions.

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