by KAZUSA OKAYA in Vol. 9 No. 1 / Apr 2023


Herman Bavinck is not usually associated with the biblical counseling movement. Nevertheless, his formulation of “biblical psychology” pro- vides essential resources for biblical counselors today. This article treats shame as a case study to demonstrate how his biblical psychological account differs from that of secular psychology by providing a more nuanced and biblical approach to shame. He places shame within the organic understanding of sin and considers shame to be caused by the self-judgment of conscience. Hence, depending on the alignment of one’s conscience, good shame can provide a positive pedagogy for Christian formation, while false shame can lead one away from God. While the cure for shame is often thought to be its eradication, Bavinck equips pastors and counselors with an alternative model.

Herman Bavinck, shame, biblical counseling, psychology, conscience
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