by JEAN-MARC BERTHOUD in Vol. 8 No. 1 / Apr 2022


Pierre Viret (1509–1571), a Swiss Reformer and friend of John Calvin, in his Christian Instruction and other dialogues (e.g., Le monde à l’empire et le monde démoniacle) developed some relevant economic principles. This article argues that Viret’s thought both is biblical and reflects the creational order. Since Viret is less known, the article starts with his life and place in the Reformation. It continues by considering Viret as an economic thinker and goes on to discuss his views about money and sales taxes. It also includes a comparison between Calvin’s and Viret’s expositions of the eighth commandment, which highlights the originality of Viret’s contribution.

Pierre Viret, Christian Instruction, John Calvin, State And Economy, Money, God’s Law, Sales Tax, Creational Order
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